Fortescue's T155 project began in early 2011. The company at the time was at around 55 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) capacity and scheduled a new construction project to triple this production to 155mtpa.
This was a massive effort involving thousands of staff, contractors and partners. The T155 logo was developed to help build the teams working on the project together. The 'T' in T155 stands for team.
Templates including a memo, powerpoint, posters, banners, newsletters and merchandise were developed for the project for all staff to use. The blue in the logo signifies Fortescue and the red signifies the contractor workforce. The logo was even applied to one of the locomotives commissioned during the project that transports hundreds of thousands of tonnes of iron ore to Fortescue's port.
Editable T155 poster templates based on existing Fortescue branding.
T155 polo shirt design.
Here you can see the Fortescue locomotive with the commemorative T155 branding applied.
One of the team newsletters, based on the Fortescue branding and newsletter style for consistency.
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