Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (Fortescue) is the world’s fourth largest iron ore producer. I really enjoyed my role as their graphic designer from 2008 to 2012 - red dirt contrasted by big trucks, beautiful infrastructure and an inspiring team of people. In 2009 Fortescue Metals Group decided to give it’s logo an update and I was there to help finish the task after an initial concept with a new outline had been put together by another designer.

Moving away from the traditional map of the Australian coast and dated typeface, the final result was a fresh change without losing the original brand integrity and identity.

After the new logo had been approved, a more consistent approach to the Fortescue brand evolved. Coming out of the Global Financial Crisis, the company did not want to spend millions on it’s re-brand. The last thing Fortescue needed was for staff to throw out perfectly good equipment or uniforms because of an old logo. Instead, a gradual approach was adopted - I formulated a basic style guide (see sample pages below), document templates and other graphical elements were forged to create what the Fortescue visual brand is today (many examples can be found throughout this portfolio website in the gallery).
Fortescue's website:
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