At the end of each financial year I was responsible for the design of the Fortescue annual report and notice of meeting. In particular the annual report is an important document which summarises, reports and celebrates the company performance for the last financial year. It's a document which is referred to regularly once published, so had to be designed with longevity and quality in mind.
The covers of the annual reports I designed whilst working at Fortescue.
Key deliverables:
●  Design and theme of report and notice of meeting
●  Setting all text including financials section to 100% accuracy
●  Sourcing imagery and gathering content an approvals from various stakeholders including senior management and executive team
●  Negotiating costs and timelines for print and distribution with suppliers and share registry to meet critical Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) deadlines
●  Creating a flexible layout that can cope with the sometimes dramatic fluctuations and last minute changes to content.

Full copies of the annual reports that I was involved with (2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012) can be found on the Fortescue website:
Notice of meeting example (2012):
Some pages from the 2012 notice of meeting sent to over 40,000 shareholders. Before 2010, the notice of meetings were a basic black and white word document. From 2011 it was decided to make the statutory communication with shareholders livelier to encourage more participation in attendance and voting for the meeting.
Tables in the annual reports were designed to a clear, concise financial reporting standard.
A spot blue foil was a special print finish applied to the 2010 and 2011 Annual Reports.
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