Fortescue is committed to providing sustainable business opportunities for Aboriginal people. To fulfill this commitment, Fortescue set an ambitious target in 2010 to award $1 billion in contracts to Aboriginal businesses by June 2013.
Communication and promotion of this campaign was vital, both internally and externally.
When it first came to our team to be communicated as a campaign, it was originally named 'A Billion Dollar Project'. Immediately I felt that this name didn't quite have the right tone. Rather than focusing on the large, somewhat faceless lump sum of money, I envisaged highlighting each dollar as an opportunity. I squirreled away and came up with a design encapsulating a new headline, 'A Billion Opportunities'. After running it by the steering committee, it stuck. Below are the branded posters, which are updated as new contracts are awarded, moving the barometer closer and closer to it's target.
An exciting project where I felt I really made a difference.
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