Artist and Designer from Western Australia. Colour and texture focus. I'm available for commissions as well as commercial and public art of any scale.

Graphic Design (Marketing)
Art and Design (Paintings and Sculpture, including construction of)
Design Consultancy (Client liaison)
Project Management (Concept to completion)
I’m a freelance artist and designer, and have been a sole trader for seven years. Along with graphic design, creating and selling art has been a big focus for my business for the past two years. More recently I have expanded my service offering to include design consultancy and associated project management for public and commercial art. This provides a concept to completion approach for projects.
My design career currently spans over 17 years. It has seen me work in the healthcare industry, as well as in the engineering, construction, mining, telecommunications and aviation industries, to name a few. I have relished the learning experience whilst operating within these sectors as a designer. I enjoy partnering my creative skills while working with others to achieve common goals.
Contact me below for information, I look forward to hearing from you.
For insight into my day-to-day, please head to my Instagram @suztown
To view or purchase my art please head to my shop
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